KA Marks | Mesquin Agency | Dec 2018 |


KA Marks is a new nail polish offering all-type color as well as durability in Brussels Chaussee d’Ixelles. The company’s menu of authentic products is designed to build the feeling of excitement for every DIY person.


About Ka


KA is a new team inspired by the happy customers and marks the group that has requested Mesquin to deliver an identity for their products.


As any diligent company they are client oriented.

Mesquin’s identity has been designed to represent the idea that a single mark, the K, could convey the contentment felt after using the products.

The use of the pink color for their identity plays with a mix of classic and modern at the same time.





Collaborating with their group, Mesquin created KA Marks illustration that resulted in the K word mark.




As a company specialized in nail-polish, the team also created their elements functions as a stamp, which, when featured on t-shirts and badges emphasises the identity’s authentic and classic.