EXXE branding | Mesquin Agency | Nov 2018 |



Created in 2007 by a group of students, EXXE LLC is connecting activities with patients via last technology available on the market.

This generation gives authenticity a new meaning.



Mesquin tries to tell, with a modern attitude, its commercial potential, the story of excellence for the international audience.

Having the main activity 3D prosthetic creation, the old identity couldn’t align with their needs.

Combining a new brand with modern medical prosthetic allows clients to focus on what really matters.

The new identity builds on this by focusing on modern technology positioning EXXE on top of their work field.


Changing the way we see


Their mission, to help everyone have equal chances for the activities that matter.

By adding modern technologies, people wearing prosthetic, can now achieve their fullest potential on a daily basis, thanks to the device’s autonomy.





Mesquin brought EXXE to their modern potential, achieving its leadership in the first quarter.

EXXE means Excellence by Mobility; a new technology for medical equipment and prosthetic.