Robin Wood branding | Mesquin Agency | Jan 2019 |



Finding new possibilities


Transport industry has something new – a new era of mobility.

How could have a brand tried to define the future of transportation? Robin Wood decided to use technology for their trucks and the power of a new business, acknowledging their advanced software and electronics division.

Mesquin branded the company, setting them for growth and success.


For its purpose


For their electronics and advanced software, Mesquin defined their strengths: innovation and mobility.

Mesquin created the iconic of mobility and secure to display their ability for mobility. Robin Wood’ s icon conveys secure transportation from one point to another. On digital platforms, they become an essential resource for connection with customers.





In a world dominated by big transportation companies, Robin Wood brand tries to offer their customers the best of their potential: security via technology.

Nearly 100 trucks on the US roads every day, for one purpose: mobility for transportation.




From their start point to the new design, Mesquin brought Robin Wood a new iconic on 4 state roads.

Robin Wood is the leader in mobility space within their area and their security gives clients a good sense of secure and professionalism.